1. What are the turnout rugs, travel boots and bum bags made of?

They're made of high quality 1200D ripstop outer shell with a polyester lining. The fabric has been printed and waterproofed for Ponyo and has undergone rigorous standardised industry testing for waterproofing and breathability. We've also sourced durable clips and fastenings to match the quality of the fabric.



2. What's the size range?

We are currently offering all sizes between 3'0 and 6'9. We hope to offer even dinkier and even larger sizes in later shipments, if there is a demand.

3. Do Ponyo rugs rub?

 We've designed the rugs to reduce rub as much as possible. They have high neck / chest lines to avoid the rugs slipping back and pulling. The lining is also a silky fabric which will reduce rubbing on the mane and other sensitive areas.

4. I live outside of the UK, can I order?

Yes! We offer shipping worldwide so everyone can have a dreamy Ponyo rug in their horse's wardrobe. We now even offer FREE shipping to any international order with a value of over £250. 

5. I ordered my rug in a pre-order, when will I receive it?

Estimated delivery times for each shipment will be stated on the product pre-order pages. However, with restock shipments it is very difficult to pinpoint an exact delivery date as there are many things outside of our control which can affect the arrival times (customs clearance and so on). Ponyo can't be held responsible for any uncontrollable delays in the shipments but we will always aim to keep you up to date if there are any delays we are aware of.