Welcome to Ponyo

We're a British brand for the fashion conscious equine. Our stand-out patterns on our products are designed by our team in the UK, and are the manufactured to the highest standard with industry-leading fabrics.

We believe that our rugs are the highest quality patterned rugs out there... no longer a fad that gets trashed after 2 weeks of wear! 

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Great Reviews

It's not all about looks. We also keep your horse protected from the elements (yes, even in the depths of the British winter!), and to ensure a long-lasting product that you can use for years to come. Read our reviews!


Who's the Boss?

Our charismatic, stylish and all-knowing CEO is Rome the Mini. He has been hands on with the entire process from designing our rugs, to modelling the finished products!

They all have his hoof of approval...although Monkey Bananas is his personal favourite. 

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Ponyo is a finalist in the Great Britain Entrepreneur Awards 2020!