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The quality of these rugs is second to none, you can’t only tell this by the look and the feel but when they’re put to the test they don’t disappoint.

Eden M.

My rug is fabulous and to say I’m extremely impressed is a huge understatement! You have made the best quality, fit and design of rugs I’ve ever seen in my life.


My pony is a rug ripper but his rug hasn’t got a single scratch despite being tested through all the storms this year which also proves their durability.  I swear by my rug and I can’t wait to buy a second.

Fay C.

We live at the coast in northern Sweden and the weather can get very wet, windy and cold. But this rug has always kept our horse completely dry! We love the great quality, especially the secure fastening in the front. 10/10 stars!

Annica P.

It's a fantastic rug that is very good quality and a lovely fit and looks super smart. I will definitely be buying more in the future from Ponyo Horsewear.


I absolutely love this rug it is gorgeous and fits so well. The pattern is so unique and vibrant that even with the mud the super cute pattern shows through. Worth every penny!