Ponyo Review from Down Under

Ponyo Review from Down Under

Ponyo Review from Down Under

As a small, relatively young brand from the UK, we find it so exciting to see orders coming in from all over the world. International shipping of bulky rugs is not cheap, so it means so much to us that our lovely customers in far away lands still think that it's worth it to choose Ponyo for their beloved four-legged fur babies.

When we received this incredible review video all the way from Australia, we just had to share the love. The lovely duo that is Bek & Flash can be found on Instagram using the handle @flash_thewelshpony. Make sure to check out their equestrian adventures down under! 

In this video, Flash is beautifully modelling his Doughnut Delight fleece cooler and travel boots, Juicy Watermelon stable rug and Happy Pineapple fly rug (which is now sadly discontinued but we will have some awesome new patterns this summer!). 

*This was not a paid partnership, these are all products Bek has purchased from Ponyo and was kind enough to review. Thanks for being an awesome customer! 

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