Ponyo Influencer Pre-Order Sale

At Ponyo HQ we are so excited for our first ever product shipment! 

A small early shipment will be arriving in mid January 2020. The majority of these rugs are earmarked for our wonderful influencer team...but we are making sure that there are also some rugs available for a handful of you guys!

So, we are holding a December pre-order sale! To celebrate the launch of Ponyo Horsewear we will be giving you the chance to secure a rug in the first shipment and place a pre-order. We will also give you 10% off as a thanks for your support!

Be one of the very few to get your Ponyo Horsewear rug at the same time as our influencers and be the envy of all your friends....we imagine your horse might get a few jealous looks in the paddock too!

Please note: the first shipment is due to arrive in mid-January. If you choose next day delivery then this will be the next day after the rugs have been processed into our warehouse upon arrival in January. 

Now all you have to do is figure out which one you want!